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Products - Ampalaya Tea & Capsules
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Products - Ampalaya Tea & Capsules

Charantia is made from only 100% dried whole Ampalaya fruits. It fortifies a low-fat, high-fiber diet to help stabilize elevated glucose levels. It is as safe and effective as established by tradition and proven by science. With regular daily use of Charantia, you can enjoy a healthier, fuller life.


Ampalaya Loose Tea
The first of the Charantia variants. One tablespoonful weighs approximately 3 grams, the daily dosage clinically proven to lower the blood sugar levels of an average-sized patient suffering from diabetes. It’s a refreshing tea without the caffeine; it’s Ampalaya without the bitter taste.

Ampalaya Tea Bags
A delightful beverage you can prepare as easily as 1-2-3. Every tea bag contains about 1.75 grams of tea made from 100% Ampalaya fruits and seeds, packed in a sachet to preserve its aroma and freshness. A diabetic is advised to use 2 teabags per day to make four to five cups of the same pleasant-tasting and bitterless tea-like drink. Enjoy a cup of Charantia and take control of your glucose today.

500mg Ampalaya Capsules
The same dried fruit and seeds of the Ampalaya used in the first two variants are simply pulverized into very fine powder and encapsulated at 500mg per capsule. Every 500mg Ampalaya capsule contains the same glucose-lowering properties of the vegetable. Thus, a diabetic should take 2 capsules after each meal or 6 capsules a day to attain the 3,000 mg or 3grams/day dosage.

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How to prepare tea

How to prepare Charantia

Loose Tea
Pour 4-5 cups of boiling water over 1 tablespoonful of Charantia Loose Tea in a teapot. Cover and let settle for 4 minutes. Serve hot or cold. You may add lemon or calamansi to taste.

Tea Bags
Put tea bag in a cup and pour freshly boiled water over it. Let sit for about a minute to make your tea. You can reuse the tea bag to make a second cup.

Excerpts from AMHOP’s reiteration of their official endorsement of Charantia, January 2003.

Our experience in using Charantia shows that it is consistent in helping control our patients’ blood sugar and improve their general well-being.

The consistent good results we got substantiated the clinical trial results, and since then, AMHOP members have made this product an integral part of their diabetic patients’ daily regimen.

Excerpt from the Memorandum of Agreement between AMHOP and Herbcare, October 2001.

AMHOP has identified, tested and found that Charantia is a safe and effective dietary adjunct in the treatment of diabetes.